jugglers animation

I don't know how other people work, but I do know that being a designer isn't really a "one plus one equals two" sort of thing.

Well, maybe the technical side is, but the creative process can be slightly mysterious or even elusive at times.

It all starts with gathering information, so listening intently is a huge part of the designer's job. Some people don't know what they want, but most know what they DON'T want, so you have to take everything into account and know how to ask the right questions.

Each project is like a puzzle to be solved with ideas and conveyed by imagery. The project's parameters shape the design from the start, so armed with information you've gathered, you begin.

That's where the mysterious part comes in.

A designer forms a personal visual lexicon, and keeps adding to it. Absorbing colour combinations and patterns from everything one sees — not just copying other designed things — filing away the pattern of shadows cast by logs on a beach, or surprising colour combinations found in nature or a foreign country. It all comes in handy someday.

Having a broad and eclectic knowledge base helps. Being naturally curious about everything helps. Keeping informed and being aware. Paying attention to the details around you and how things work.

But the way one uses all of that in order to create is probably as unique as a fingerprint. To me, it feels a little bit like flying, free as a bird.

Once you've imagined your creative solution, you combine it with the rest of the pieces and start moving them into place. You can hear them click when you’ve got it right.

Best of all is when everyone is happy— including me — so that’s what I strive for with every project. It's important to love what you do, and it should be obvious from the results.



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