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For those who are interested (hi, family) and since I'm a dedicated list maker, here it is:

For Quarto Publishing:
How to Draw and Paint Dragons
Fantasy Art Templates
The Organic Fruit Grower's Bible
The Journal of Gardening Wisdom
The Fingerpicking Guitar Bible
Bite-Size Science
Bite-Size Numeracy
The World's Most Influential Fashion Designers
The Complete Guide to Drawing and Painting
The Encyclopedia of Fairy Painting Secrets
A Knitter’s Directory of 200 Fair Isle Patterns
The Complete Guide To Spinning Yarn

For New Society Publishers:
The Biochar Solution (Albert Bates)
Bioshelter Market Garden (Darrel Frey)
Choosing a Sustainable Future (Liz Walker)
Creating Cohousing (Katherine McCamant & Charles Durret)
Ecoyards (Laureen Rama)
Green Transportation Basics (Dan Chiras)
Humanizing the Economy (John Restakis)
Whitewash (Joseph Keon)
Winter Harvest Cookbook (Lane Morgan)
From Container to Kitchen (D.J. Herda)
Thriving Beyond Sustainability (Andres Edwards)
Wind Power (Dan Chiras)
Solar Electricity (Dan Chiras)
Serious Microhydro (Scott Davis, Ed.)
Energy-Wise Landscape Design (Sue Reed)
Dry Run (Jerry Yudelson)
On Gandhi's Path (Stephanie Mills)
The Ecotechnic Future (John Michael Greer)
Green Restorations (Aaron Lubeck)
Hope and Hard Times
Independence Days (Sharon Astyk)
Life, Money and Illusion, Rev. Ed. (Mike Nickerson)
The Making of an Elder Culture (Theodore Roszak)
Transport Revolutions (Richard Gilbert/Anthony Perl)
Less is More (Cecile Andrews & Wanda Urbanska)
Wearing Smaller Shoes (Chip Haynes)
Power from the Sun (Dan Chiras)
The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook (Bob Willard)
Hope and Hard Times (Ted Bernard)
College without High School (Blake Boles)
The Long Descent (John Michael Greer)
Depletion and Abundance (Sharon Astyk)
Power from the Wind (Dan Chiras)
The Human-Powered Home (Tamara Dean)
Alcohol Fuel (Richard Freudenberger)
Weapons of Mass Instruction (John Taylor Gatto)
Rhetoric for Radicals (Jason del Gandio)
Wild Foresting (Drengson/Taylor
Food Security for the Faint of Heart (Robin Wheeler)
Integral City (Marilyn Hamilton)
Reinventing Collapse (Dmitry Orlov)
Plan C (Pat Murphy)
Small is Possible (Lyle Estill)
Evolution's Edge (Graeme Taylor)
Five Ring Circus (Christopher A. Shaw)
Prescriptions for a Healthy House, 3rd Ed. (Baker-Laporte, Elliot, Banta)
How to Build with Grid Beam (Jergenson, Jergenson, Keppel)
Ecopreneuring (Ivanko, Kivirist)
Choosing Green (Jerry Yudelson)
SVO (Green, Goodwin)
The Great Climate Challenge (Guy Dauncey)
Peak Everything (Richard Heinberg)
Not Just a Pretty Face (Stacy Malkan)
The Economics of Happiness (Mark Anielski)
Boat Green (Clyde W. Ford)
Building an Ark (Ethan Smith with Guy Dauncey)
The New Village Green (Editors of Green Living)
Extreme Weather Hits Home (John Banta)
Green Building, A-Z (Jerry Yudelson)
Stoneview (Rob Roy)
How to Re-imagine the World (Anthony Weston)
Making a Living While Making a Difference (Melissa Everett)
Branded! (Michael E. Conroy)
Cancer - 101 Solutions (Armstrong, Dauncey, Wordsworth)
Design for Water (Heather Kinkade-Levario)
Electric Water (Christopher C. Swan)
Everyone Wins! rev. ed. (Josette & Ba Luvmour)
Finding Community (Diana Leafe Christian)
The Great Neighborhood Book (Jay Walljasper)
Guerilla Gardening (David Tracey)
Becoming the Kind Father (Calvin Sandborn)
Toxic Living Spaces (Daniel Stih)
Urban Meltdown (Clive Doucet)
Oil Depletion Protocol (Richard Heinberg)
Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook (Albert Bates)
Eating Fossil Fuels (Dale Allen Pfeiffer)
Plug-in Hybrids (Sherry Boschert)
Fermenting Revolution (Christopher M. O'Brien)
Carbon Buster's Handbook (Godo Stoyke)
Slow is Beautiful (Cecile Andrews)
Diabetes: Sugar-Coated Crisis (David Spero)
Cutting Your Car Use rev. ed. (Ghent, Semlyen)
Ecocities, rev. ed. (Richard Register)
Energy Switch (Craig Morris)
Enough Blood Shed (Mary-Wynne Ashford with Guy Dauncey)
ExtraVeganZa (Laura Matthias)
Gardening When It Counts (Steve Solomon)
Planet U (Michael M'Gonigle, Justine Starke)
Solar Water Heating (Bob Ramlow with Benjamin Nusz)
Your Green Home (Alec Wilson)
Teaching Green: The High School Years (Grant/Littlejohn)
Earth-Sheltered Houses (Rob Roy)
Women and the U.S. Budget (Jane Midgley)
Cruise Ship Squeeze (Ross Klein)
The Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy (Dan Chiras)
Biodiesel Power (Lyle Estill)
It's a Sprawl World After All (Douglas E. Morris)
Relocalize Now (Julian Darley et al)
Chasing the Sun (Neville Williams)
The Solar Food Dryer (Eben Fodor)
Have Fries, Will Travel! (Linda K. Hempel)
Crossing the Rubicon (Michael C. Ruppert)
The Home Energy Diet (Paul Scheckel)
The Sustainability Revolution (Andrés Edwards)
EcoKids (Dan Chiras)
The Next Sustainability Wave (Bob Willard)
Eco-Village at Ithaca (Liz Walker)
Taking a Stand (Elizabeth Boardman)
Towards Sustainable Communities, rev. ed. (Mark Roseland)
Class Matters (Betsy Leondar-Wright)
Teaching Green, The Elementary Years (Grant, Littlejohn, editors)
PetroDollar Warfare (William Clark)
Powerdown (Richard Heinberg)
Homes That Heal (Athena Thompson)
The CoHousing Handbook, rev. ed. (Chris & Kelly ScottHansen)
The Power and Promise of Humane Education (Zoe Weil)
Alliances, Coalitions and Partnerships (Joan Roberts)
Dumbing Us Down, special collector's edition (John Taylor Gatto)
More Straw Bale Building, (Chris Magwood & Peter Mack)
The Joy of Conflict Resolution (Gary Harper)
Chiva (Chellis Glendinning)
Rural Renaissance (Ivanko/Kivirist)
The Sustainable Kitchen (Stu Stein and Mary Hinds)
Timber Framing for the Rest of Us (Rob Roy)
Earthbag Building (Kaki Hunter & Donald Kiffmeyer)
The Natural Step for Communities (James/Lahti)
Green Remodeling (David Johnston)
Behind the War on Terror (Nafeez Ahmed)
Radical Simplicity (Jim Merkel)
The Water You Drink (Julie Stauffer)
Superbia! (Dan Chiras and Dave Wann)
Building Without Borders (Joe Kennedy)
Organic Weddings (Michelle Kozin)
Teaching Green, The Middle Years (Grant, Littlejohn, editors)
Diary of a Compost Hotline Operator (Spring Gillard)
Global Profit and Global Justice (Deb Abbey et al)
Somebodies and Nobodies (Robert W. Fuller)
Cordwood Building (Rob Roy)
The Healing Heart, Vols. I & II (Allison M. Cox & David H. Albert)
Hollyhock Cooks (The Hollyhock Cooks with Linda Solomon)
The Sick House Survival Guide (Angela Hobbs)
Microhydro (Scott Davis)
Seeing Red (Jennifer Simmonds)
Creating a Life Together (Diana Leafe Christian)
The Eco-Foods Guide (Cynthia Barstow)
A Time for Choices (Michael Toms)
American Newspeak (Wayne Grytting)
Cruise Ship Blues (Ross Klein)
Off the Map (Chellis Glendinning)
The Natural Step Story (Karl-Henrik Robert)
The Natural Plaster Book (Cedar Rose Guelberth & Dan Chiras)
Tools for Environmental Management (Dixon Thompson)
Dancing with the Tiger (Brian Natrass & Mary Altomare)
Uprooting Racism (Paul Kivel)
The Sustainability Advantage (Bob Willard)
Webs of Power (Starhawk)
The World's Greatest Ideas (Kirkpatrick Sale, Jay Walljasper)
Visionaries (Walljasper, Spayde, & editors of UTNE Reader)
The Better World Handbook (Jones, Haenfler, Johnson, Klocke)
Win-Win Games (Josette & Ba Luvmour)
Dumbing Us Down, 10th Anniversary rev. ed. (John Taylor Gatto)
All Grown Up (Roberta Maisel)
Global Uprising (Neva Welton, Linda Wolfe)
Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope (Stories for World Change Network)
The Art of Natural Building (Kennedy, Smith, Wanek)
Be the Difference (Danny Seo)
Teaching About Climate Change (Green Teacher - Grant, Littlejohn, editors)
Greening School Grounds (Green Teacher - Grant, Littlejohn, editors)
Meditations on Everything Under the Sun (Margo Adair)
Prescriptions for a Healthy House (LaPorte, Elliot, Banta)
Stormy Weather (Guy Dauncey)


For Volcano Press:
The Family and Friends' Guide to Domestic Violence
(Elaine Weiss)
Surviving Domestic Violence (Elaine Weiss)

For Perihelion Press:
Saving Babylon (Paul Holton)

For Hartley and Marks Publishers:
Welcoming Wildlife (Johnson, McDiarmid, Turner)
Fit to Deliver (Nordahl, Petersen, Jeffreys)
Projection Art for Kids (Linda Buckingham)
The Long-Distance Grandmother, rev. ed. (Selma Wasserman)
IBS: A Doctors Plan for Chronic Digestive Troubles, rev. ed.
(G. Guillory)
Beautiful Boat Crafts (Linda Buckingham)
Natural Detoxification, first & rev. editions (Krohn, Taylor)
Allergy Relief & Prevention, first & rev. ed.
(Krohn, Taylor, Larsen)
Making Plant Places (Susan McDiarmid)
A Century of Memories (H&M Publishers)
The Frail Ocean (Wesley Marx)
My Life: A Journal (H&M Publishers)
Finding the Right Treatment (Krohn, Taylor)
Gentlecare (Moyra Jones)
Classic Scrapbooking (Vera Rosenbluth & Susan McDiarmid)
Living in the Post-Mastectomy Body (Rebecca Zuckweiler)
Keeping Family Stories Alive, rev. ed. (Vera Rosenbluth)
Chinese Exercise & Massage (Zhou, Lade, Wong)
IBS: A Doctors Plan for Chronic Digestive Troubles (G. Guillory)
Conceptions and Misconceptions (Wisot, Meldrum)
Parsley, Peppers, Potatoes and Peas (Pat Katz)
Healthy By Design (Rousseau, Wasley)
The Solo Partner (Phil DeLuca)

For Independent Publishers:
Unfinished Evolution (Teena Booth)
Eccentric Explorers (Michael Buckley)
This Crisis, These Blessings (Deirdre Maultsaid)
The Prisoners' Guide to Survival (PSI Publishing)
The Bells are Ringing! (Kristine Theurer)

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